Ed Gowan’s Story and Pictures

From an email dated 12/13/2004


We were in the process of loading out for the Mid-East, before I left the ship.. The XO was convinced that it was in the  ships best interest to send me to CS “C” school. First the squadron or MILPERS said that he  would have to send me PCS. He agreed and then someone decided it would be better to send me TAD. In a few days I was off to San Diego for Management Principles course.  The whole idea of the school was that I would need it to advance to first class. Up to that point I had no formal training by the Navy other than Basic training at Boot camp.I had found out  a few weeks before leaving that I was successful on the advancement exam and would have a future quota to advance to PO 1.   

The ships schedule was changed to the Far East while I was at school. I had a few more weeks to finish “C” school when the ship took damage. Upon Graduation, my records were handed to me without orders. When I inquired I was told I was TAD and I was to return to the ship.  There was no port call ordered so I asked “where am I to go?” The news reports  read that the ship will be de-commissioned. I was told to return to RI and they can take care of it. I was actually traveling without orders. When I reported in at Squadron, they were in a hiss fit as to why I came there and not to the ship.  I sat in transit until a day before Thanksgiving giving, and was shipped to Subic to pick up the USS Nitro AE 23 out of Davisville. While waiting at Subic for the ship to return to port (a couple of weeks) I found the Warrington and shot the pictures. What an emotional feeling that was. The last time I saw the ship it was full of life and now here i was walking through it in Grave condition.

Anyway about the pictures, it would be best If I forward you a CD with the photos and that way you can use whatever you want  when you want. Send me your snail mail and I will get it out to you.  

A rusty, old bucket

Bow on, with CS2 Gowan standing by
On the bridge, with CS2 Gowan
Fantail view
Forward structure
No longer mighty W
The bow

I see you posted a picture of Tom Ethier. He is the God father to my Oldest Daughter. Have you ever heard anything from him in the past few years.    Oh looking at pictures of Sandy Ruben reminds me of this;Do you remember BM1 Swaim. He may have left the ship shortly before you came aboard.  Swaim was great friends with Rueben and Sandy co-hosted several meals at The Swaim’s house. He was my mentor and really helped me along in developing into a career Navy man. I always had the upmost respect for him and his wife. My  wife Lynn and I were sitting around reminiscing one evening when Phil and his wife Sylvia became the conversation. It was a fun filled evening of great memories.Well after a Internet search it appeared that they were also in Central Florida. I finally dead ended on finding them, so I turned to my son who is a investigator for the county Sheriff Department. He found Phil in Prison serving life for child molestation under the age of 12. WOw…yikes… 

Enjoy The Holiday’s